Services Merchant Profile: Foundation for a Drug Free World of the Americas will be at the Go Africa Harlem street festival on 7/16/2016

We would like to welcome  Foundation for a Drug Free World of the Americas to the street festival on 7/16/2016.

Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free. No one, especially a young person, likes to be lectured about what he or she can or cannot do. Thus, we provide the facts that empower youth to choose not to take drugs in the first place. 310510_246325165408186_1872878_n

The Truth About Drugs campaign consists of activities that people can join which popularize drug-free living. These activities are simple, effective and can involve people of all ages. Through a worldwide network of volunteers and working with more than 800 police, government, and community partners and alliances, 62 million educational booklets have been distributed, tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held, and public service announcements have reached more than 260 million viewers in 123 countries. These materials and activities have helped people around the world learn about the destructive side effects of drugs and thereby make the decision for themselves to not use them. The Foundation provides information you need to start a Truth About Drugs education and prevention activity in your area. 13559154_1245420638831962_6424683823054067900_o

The Foundation for a Drug Free World of The Americas was founded in 2006. We are proud to offer free drug education events, presentations, informational sessions and lectures to schools, after-school programs, community organizations, faith-based organizations, etc. throughout New York City, Long Island and select cities around this area. We also are here to help assist you in obtaining the foundation’s free drug education materials which you can find at: This includes the foundation’s drug education booklets which cover almost every illicit drug and which complement any drug education curriculum, event, school program, etc. We also are proud to offer “The Truth about Drugs Education Package” which can be obtained at as well. The curriculum contains lesson plans, group activities, a DVD, booklets, posters and more. Should you need help implementing this, we are here to assist you! 13569026_1245420642165295_7744587581461263313_o

To book an event or for any question, please contact us at:

Foundation for a Drug Free World of the Americas

56-03 214th Street

Bayside, NY 11364

Phone #: 646-632-2291

International Web Site:

The Americas Chapter Web Site:

The Americas Facebook Page:

Donate here:

Services Merchant Profile: Primerica Financial Services will be in attendance at the Go Africa Harlem 2016 Street festival on 7/16/2016

We welcome Primerica Financial Services  to the street Festival on 7/16/2016

Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

About Primerica Financial Services: 13418977_10154431817593814_6273763476070437047_n


  • A Main Street Company for Main Street Families.
  • Company Overview
    Primerica is a Main Street company for Main Street North America. Our mission is to help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. The new Primerica has emerged as one of the most dynamic companies in business today. We are now the largest financial services marketing firm in North America.
  • Primerica is a leading provider of term life insurance. Working to get families out of debt and improve saving rates, Primerica is in the business of helping people. Contact your local Primerica representative today.12890956_10154206316388814_1996289027963550762_o
  • Mission: Help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.

Services Profile: Harlem Children’s Zone will be in attendance at the Go Africa Harlem 2016 Street Festival

We are happy to Welcome The Harlem Children’s Zone to the Street Festival on 7/16/2016

Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

About the  Harlem Children’s Zone: 13237718_10154135576694383_5125644408287988078_n

  • HCZ has achieved unprecedented success doing whatever it takes to help thousands of children and families and break the cycle of generational poverty.
  • Company Overview
    Harlem Children’s Zone, Inc. is a pioneering leader in education, youth and community development, and the fight against poverty. Our innovative birth-through-college pipeline of best-practice programs currently serves over 13,000 youth in Central Harlem, ensuring their success while reweaving the very fabric of community life.
  • Mission
    Harlem Children’s Zone is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in Central Harlem by working at scale to build community, strengthen families, and ensure our children succeed from birth through college graduation.
  • Phone (212) 360-3255
  • Email
  • Website

    Anne Williams-Isom, Chief Executive Officer

    Anne Williams-Isom is the Chief Executive Officer for the Harlem Children’s Zone®, before which she served for five years as HCZ’s Chief Operating Officer. As COO, she oversaw all programs in HCZ’s cradle-through-college pipeline, including Promise Academy I and II, led HCZ’s more than 2,000 staff, and strengthened the organization’s use of data to improve services and outcomes for our 25,000 children and families. She also took the reins in restructuring HCZ’s College Success Office and developing innovative strategies to support our college students individually and at scale. She took over the position of CEO in July 2014.13497927_10154241299579383_6742427342342008921_o

    Prior to joining HCZ, Ms. Williams-Isom worked in leadership at New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) for 13 years, concluding her tenure as Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Community and Government Affairs. While at ACS, she instituted and oversaw the implementation of a number of innovative initiatives, including the first ever ACS Leadership Academy for Child Protection, a program designed to help the 160 ACS Child Protective Managers lead the 3,800 frontline staff responsible for investigating the 55,000 reports of child abuse and neglect each year. In addition, during the creation of the original HCZ Project in the 1990s, Ms. Williams-Isom provided HCZ’s former CEO and now President, Geoffrey Canada, with strategic counsel on integrating preventive services into HCZ’s neighborhood-based network of programs.13475056_10154241299069383_1090522941659878513_o

    Ms. Williams-Isom found her calling to help improve the lives of vulnerable children and families when she was still a child herself. Growing up with a single mother in Queens, she witnessed firsthand the many challenges confronting kids in struggling communities. But it was always clear that, with the right support and opportunities—above all, education and a lot of love—all kids have the potential to do extraordinary things.1013355_10152136060459383_1739749597_n

    Ms. Williams-Isom earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and psychology from Fordham University. Soon after, she began working in Community Affairs for the New York Police Department in Brooklyn. While working in Brooklyn at the height of community policing in the 1980s fueled her commitment to social justice, it was during her time as a student at Columbia Law School that she fully discovered her passion for advocacy work and came to appreciate the critical role played by communities in finding lasting solutions to social problems. After receiving her J.D., she practiced law for five years at two of New York’s most prestigious firms before joining ACS.

    Ms. Williams-Isom currently serves on the Advisory Council of the recently created My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, inspired by President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative. In January 2016, she was appointed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to his Children’s Cabinet Advisory Board and selected to be a member of the spring 2016 cohort of the Aspen-Pahara Education Fellows Program. She is also the recipient of a Public Interest Achievement Award from the Public Interest Law Foundation at Columbia Law School (2015) and an Annie E. Casey Foundation Children and Families Fellowship (2007-2008). Routinely sought after for her expert guidance on child welfare and community development, Ms. Williams-Isom has been featured in The New York TimesBarron’sCrain’s New YorkThe Chronicle of Philanthropy, and Essence, as well as on WABC’s Here and Now and Bloomberg EDU.13475037_10154241299029383_4281934011815078201_o

    Follow @MsAnneHCZ on Twitter.

Merchant Profile: Bebenoir Boutique and the Go Africa Harlem 2016 Street on 7/16/2016

We would like to extend a welcome to Bébénoir Boutique for the upcoming Street Festival on 7/16/2016

Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

The Company: 1618524_984922288228972_1329376555482205074_n

Bébénoir is a New York based clothing company founded by Ibrahima Doukoure. Originally from Guinee, West Africa, Ibrahima spent most of this childhood in Senegal and Italy. The idea of Bébénoir emerged in early 2004 over dinner with close friends at an African restaurant in Harlem, New York. When the topic of conversation was focused on goals, dreams, and aspirations, Ibrahima expressed his desire to create a fashion house, a dream he had kept to himself for years. Ibrahima strongly believes Africa must produce necessities for the local market and envisions having Bébénoir products assembled in Africa.

Bébénoir’s African Heritage

The influence, depth and richness of the African culture has resounded throughout the world, from the works of Picasso to the unique musical tradition known as American Jazz. Bébénoir’s founders, Ibrahima and Fatima Doukoure, are a husband and wife team with a collective African heritage. African textiles represent for them a profound inspiration and a tradition from their homeland which they revere. The very earliest African textiles were cloth fragments and parchment dating from 9th century BCE. 547809_360220990699108_305783330_nAfrican textiles are, as well, a part of the African cultural heritage that was brought to America. This ancient tradition of spinning and weaving also holds spiritual and mythical meaning for Africans. It represents an important part of the cultural heritage Bébénoir wishes to share and express through their designs.

Bébénoir’s History

The idea for Bébénoir was born in early 2004, while Ibrahima Doukoure and Fatima Sidibé were having dinner with close friends at an African restaurant in Harlem, New York. The conversation turned to one’s goals, dreams and aspirations. Ibrahima openly expressed his desire to create a fashion house.  Ibrahima’s idea emerged out of his strong belief that Africa must produce necessities for the local market in order to become a viable entity.  Shortly thereafter, while watching the French news, Ibrahima saw a special report on a donation of used clothing made to a village in the Sahel. The background image used in the report was that of a little boy, around 5 or 6 years of age, struggling to fit into a ski outfit. This seemed an incomprehensible idea, given the village was situated in the Sahel where the temperature reaches 95° F. The recurring image of that little boy became the light bulb that inspired the name ‘Bébénoir.’ They further envisioned having Bébénoir’s products eventually assembled in Africa. The dream became a reality in March of 2005 when Ibrahima and Fatima founded  Bébénoir and they embarked on pursuing their life’s dream together.

Bébénoir’s Mission

Bébénoir’s mission is to build a successful African-owned fashion house committed to provide trade and economic opportunities for Africa. Our idea is that Africans, by sharing their culture, creativity and traditions can market their talents and become an instrument of change and positive action in the world.
Our Motto: The Path is made by Walking.

The Bébénoir Style

Bébénoir is a New York based clothing company that offers a wide range of African inspired and produced, stylish clothing at amazingly affordable prices. This is the idea at the heart of Bébénoir’s take on our creative process, from the design and execution of our fashions to how we interact and sell our clothing in our store. We wish to help bring the Bébénoir distinctive high style to as many people as we possibly can.199680_163472063707336_2942155_n

Any fashion brand can produce high quality clothing at an expensive price, or an inferior product for a low price. We, at Bébénoir, work to bring high fashion at an affordable price. Custom tailoring, attention to detail, a personal touch and unique accessories are what we offer our customer at Bébénoir.


2164 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, New York, NY
(212) 828-5775 ‎ ·

NYS Senator Adriano Espaillat support of the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival on 7/16/2016.

We welcome the support of  NYS  Senator Adriano Espaillat for the upcoming Go Africa Harlem 2016 Street Festival on 7/16/2016

State Senator Adriano Espaillat’s career in public service has been marked by historic accomplishments and an unwavering commitment to integrity, justice, and equal representation for all.

The Senator is now the Democratic Nominee for the 13th  NY Congressional District.

Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

Adriano Espaillat Headshot

Following a successful tenure in the New York State Assembly, Espaillat was elected to the Senate in November 2010, where he represents the 31st district. This uniquely diverse and dynamic district stretches from Manhattan’s Upper West Side through Washington Heights and includes Riverdale, Marble Hill, and Hamilton Heights.

A trailblazing community activist, Senator Espaillat made history in 1996 when he became the first Dominican-American elected to a state legislature. Espaillat quickly distinguished himself as a reformer and progressive fighter who stood up for working families and small businesses.

Espaillat worked tirelessly to champion causes that directly helped communities across New York. Along the way he executed some remarkable legislative and policy accomplishments including the following highlights:

  • Successful advocacy on behalf of over 2.5 million NYC tenants during the campaign to extend and strengthen rent regulations.
  • Passage of law cracking down on the sale of dangerous alcoholic beverages to minors.
  • Extension of the J-51 Housing Program, which protected tenant from unfair rent hikes.
  • Passage of legislation supporting over 40,000 livery drivers by extending protections from violent crimes and inclusion of the drivers in the Workers’ Compensation benefits program.
  • Legislation allowing 35,000 daycare providers to organize and collectively bargain, helping empower some of New York’s hardest working men and women and strengthening our middle-class.

Senator Espaillat was chosen by his colleagues to chair the Senate Puerto Rican/Latino Caucus. He is the top ranking Democrat on the Senate Housing Committee and also serves on the Environmental Conservation, Economic Development, Codes, Insurance, and Judiciary committees. Additionally, Governor Andrew Cuomo has selected Senator Espaillat as a member of his Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise team where Senator Espaillat chairs the subcommittee on monitoring and compliance.

Prior to catapulting into the state capitol, Espaillat served his community on a grass-roots level.

From 1994 to 1996, Espaillat served as the Director of Project Right Start, a national initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to combat substance abuse by educating the parents of pre-school children. This pilot program was implemented in six cities throughout the country and in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

From 1992 to 1994, Espaillat served as Director of the Washington Heights Victims Services Community Office. The organization offered bilingual support groups for battered women, and provided relief, compensation, counseling and therapeutic services to families of victims of homicides and other crimes. In 1991, Espaillat was chosen as a member of Governor Mario Cuomo’s Dominican American Advisory Board, where he served for two years.

From 1986 to 1991, Espaillat actively served on Community Planning Board 12 as a member of the Executive Board. Espaillat became a strong voice in the community by organizing tenants and advocating for their rights. He successfully petitioned for greater police services in the community. His tireless efforts resulted in increased foot patrol, block watches, the creation of the new 33rd Police Precinct and other successful crime prevention measures in Northern Manhattan. During the mid 1980’s, Espaillat was elected President of the 34th Precinct Community Council. Throughout the 80’s, he worked closely with the community and law enforcement agencies to help eradicate drugs and crime from Washington Heights and Inwood.

In 1980, Espaillat joined the NYC Criminal Justice Agency, a non-profit agency contracted by the city of New York to provide pre-trial services to the New York Criminal Court system, where he worked as the Manhattan Court Services Coordinator
for eight years. During the 1990’s, Espaillat helped resolve hundreds of conflicts among his constituents by volunteering his services as a state certified conflict resolution mediator for the Washington Heights Inwood Conflict Resolutions and Mediation Center.

Espaillat graduated from Bishop Dubois High School in 1974. In 1978, he earned his B.S. degree in Political Science from Queens College, and later completed postgraduate courses in Public Administration at New York University and the Rutgers University Leadership for Urban Executives Institute.

Merchant Profile: ( & Aaron McBride): will be in attendance at the GO Africa Harlem 2016 Street Festival on 7/16/2016

We are happy to welcome and their various wares for sale at the Street Festival on 7/16/2016.


Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

About & Aaron McBride:

Known professionally as “A-Thug” the Harlem bred rapper, real name Aaron McBride, is as ambitious as they come. Turning each and every vision of his into a full fledge endeavor; known for his independent grind, A Thug has been at task bringing his brand of “Grade A Music” to the masses, via his exclusively owned and operated MegaStars Enterprise, in conjunction with the Black RollingStones, which he has served as the front man. As a collective, Black Rolling Stones has coordinated countless events and showcase platfroms throughout the tri-state area.

Black lives Matter pic

His passion for music runs deep, strengthened by his life experiences and growth. Using trial and tribulation, A Thug has perfected his grind as well as his business sense and drive to reach his full potential.  With the goal of turning what many would considera negative. his incarceration for 3 1/2 years into a positive, A Thug’s focus is on improving the life of his son as well as imparting a strong work ethic and leading by example; His hustle is second to none.


Set apart from his peers, whom he recognizes as competition in the race up the totem pole in today’s industry, by his charisma, originality and performance expertise; his music is sincere. Well versed in the art of making quality songs, not just puting verses together he is celebrated for his art and his perspective on not only music, but life as a whole.  With a renewed faith in God, and the team which he has assembled, there is no ceiling for this upstart.HOF ALBUM -FRONT


Already having released critically acclaimed projects such as Wish of a Rolling Stone, Fuel to the Fire, BLOW, The Art of Getting Rich, The Signature, Best of Both Boroughs,  featuring work with artists such as notable artists such as  Pinky, Ron Browz, Kay Slay, Juelz Santana , Jada kis, Styles , Redman, and Fred The Godson. as well as DJ Superstar Jay, G-Dep, Nas, McGruff, Triple Seis,  and Murda Mook.


With plans to get into fashion merchandising, coupled with his DVD releases via MegaStar DVD, A Thugga is absolutely the ultimate hustler.



” I am truly a go-getter; I have been like that for as long as I can remember. I never believed in hand outs, only a hard days work. That is the vibe that i bring to all my ventures, and impart on my colleagues.”

Grassroots marketing is his go to, as you can find A Thug most frequently in your biggest commerce areas such as Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn, or the mecca of Harlem, 125th.
With his social media reach heightening, A Thug is covering all bases and branding with every step. Please believe this is only the beginning for this mogul in the making.












business card (1)-MEGASTAR













Merchant Profile: (Kufunya Ife) Will be @ The Go Africa Harlem 2016 Street Festival on 7/16/2016

We are happy to Welcome (Kufunya Ife) to the Street Festival on 7/16/2016 13256500_10154229701057959_5022154008363770549_n

Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

About (Kufunya Ife):

Born in August 2007 Crystals4Everyday Living come into Being out of Chaos, Anger, Resentment  and wanting to Inner Stand How Life Works on Planet Earth and the rest of the  Multi ~ Verses ~While being of service at EAST WEST BOOKS, YOGA & CAFE  78 Fifth Ave. in NYC  in Crystal Minerals/ Aroma Therapy Dept. A Lady by the Name of Grace who Ran the Yoga Studio @ the World Renowned EAST WEST BOOKS Store 78 Fifth Ave, in NY City approached me to teach about Crystal Energy,because they had a cancellation  and  needed that space to be filled. 13062432_10154154239747959_63456014239635460_n

At the time I was still under the spell of ,Well, not feeling worthy, anger, resentment and I said to myself me!!!! “What can I teach about!!!! So with fear in tow I did teach that was on August 21,2007 just 5 months after a major shift in my personal life Crystals4 Everyday Living came to Life ,the website came in 2010. I am learning Always that Life is a constant movement. You may wonder How did the class Go? Well I was so was I nervous and 7 seekers who signed up and from there lips to my ears they were HAPPY~  I was and still have butterflies and tears when I speak about my onward journey  (Smile). 

Education 12993488_10154134338907959_901743198492081335_n

From 2007 I felt the need for additional educational training in Crystal Therapy Reiki , Magnified Healing, Medical Intuition and Holistic Health, to Bridge and  all of the layers of the Human Experience, Spiritual and Physical, to myself first then to spark those who have a desire seeking more.  So I bring to you my Experience , Intuition and Love of Nature for the Gifts From the Earth, Crystals ,Essential Oils , Sounds , Words that Inspire, Energy Tools,Mantras  that may  offer a opportunity for bringing both Right & Left Brain into balance For Everyday Living on Planet Earth which we are All living, and I LOVE.

Kufunya :Independent Wellness Advocate 12990992_10154129929607959_521653984530343020_n

Welcome & Thank you for Visiting my doterra Site ~ My Name is Kufunya and I am a Holistic Health Care Practitioner and Certifed in Aroma Touch Tech. I use various modalities within my Work with people . I use the Chakra System , Crystals, doterra Essential Oils, and Sound therapy.

I like to express First and formost ~ I LOVE doterra !!!!!! in a Singing Voice~ Second of all I Love What doterra Products can do for the Spirit Mind & Body ~ and How the Company Gives Back to where it works with Farmers From Around the World with The Healing Hands Foundation.
Please Take a look and if you like what you feel and see ~ please reach out to me , I will be more then Happy to assist you with doterra wonder filled Products.
I can be reached via Email: or Via Phone: 347-972-0901
Kind Regards
ps I will be putting up my Photo shortly ~ Until that time please enjoy this Current Image

Contact Us 12791004_10154005932587959_4767993398092928915_n


Namaste and All Good Words that Bring Healing to the self then to the Universe, Like a Ripple in a pond when a stone Dances along .

on FB :Kufunya Ife
Instagram : Kufunya StarRebel
on Twitter :Kufunya @Soul Adventurer 7
Same on Periscope

Email or phone +13479720901 or visit for more information 12049645_10154071242002959_4885210055130286805_n

Food Merchant Profile: Accra Restaurant will be cooking it up at the Go Africa Harlem 2016 Street Festival on 7/16/2016

We are proud to have Accra Restaurant at the Street Festival on 7/16/2016


Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

About Accra Restaurant:

  • Experience the bold and robust flavors of African cuisine. If are unsure of what to order, our friendly staff are always ready to help you find just the perfect thing. Our buffet style allows you to try many different options so you can indulge in many different flavors.

    We take pride in serving quality and authentic African cuisine. Our roots come from Ghana and we enjoy getting to share the delightful flavors of our culture with you. Join us for lunch or dinner and remember we are also open late! 13419030_1086153334789920_8185872214016194352_n

  • 2065 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, New York 10027
    (212) 932-7739

    Accra Restaurant #3


    13346446_1086154781456442_1028341180451594238_n 13393983_1086154644789789_8934407386513443458_n

Merchant profile: Askd Enterprise Inc. (travel & Exports) will be in attendance at the Go Africa Harlem 2016 street festival

We welcome Askd Enterprise Inc (Tax prep, Travel & Exports) to the street Festival on 7/16/2016

Visit for more information.  the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will take place on 7/16/2016 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. please register at  or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001.

at A S K D Enterprises Inc we specialize in (Tax prep, Travel & Exports)  in the New York, NY area, please contact Aboubacar S Diakite at (212)-280-9103.

A S K D Enterprises Inc is interested in your business for any of their services listed in the section below.

Address: 224 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026